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The Flex 2 Weight construction comes included in any Carbon Wrap or Injection Tech model dependent on the weight of the rider or construction of a stock model to suit. For custom orders, Dan will adjust the flex to suit the surfers weight & experience. For stock models, they are adjusted to suit each model dependent on the average weight of the surfer suited to each model. Read on to learn more.



The overall flex of a surfboard is not something that fits into one size (or flex) fits all. 

Dan has introduced a Flex2Weight program which marries the riders weight to the required flex of a board. The helps obtain optimum performance of the board. 

We offer three flex grades to suit a surfers weight. These Flex2Weight upgrades come FREE on any Carbon Wrap or Injection Tech model.



1. Soft - Up to 75kgs

​Increased over all flex to suit lighter surfers using high quality materials to not compromise strength.

2. Medium - 76 to 95kgs

A moderate  use of reinforcing material to suit the riders weight, combined with high quality materials to provide a flex suited to the surfers desired requirements.

3. Hard - Over 96kg

With extra reinforcing material  the overall flex is reduced to suit the weight of a heavier rider. 

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